Friday, December 16, 2016

Travel: Trip to Manhattan, New York

View from the Staten Island ferry

During a whirlwind, four-day trip to Manhattan, I enjoyed some of the sights, fashions, a Broadway show and views of everyday life there.

Photographs by Stephanie Wright Hession

Hello Manhattan!

On my way to the iconic Empire State Building

Gorgeous view from the Empire State Building

Couture gowns from the 1940s designed by Christian Dior at The Met's Costume Institute

Some pieces designed by Alexander McQueen at the 
The Met's Costume Institute

Dramatic scene in the Arms and Armor galleries of The Met Museum

Honoring those who perished on that horrible day

From the ashes we rise

Spied this beauty from my cab

Morning commuters

Typical street scene in Manhattan

On the way to Brooklyn

Another perspective

Delicious street food

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