Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Red Velvet" makes its Bay Area premiere at the San Francisco Playhouse

The compelling drama, "Red Velvet," makes its Bay Area premier at the San Francisco Playhouse.

Written by Lolita Chakrabarti and directed by Margo Hall, the story centers upon Ira Aldridge, a successful, African American actor who is the first black man to portray Othello on the London stage in 1833. It features a powerful, gripping performance by Carl Lumbly as Aldridge and a strong supporting cast.

Through June 25. San Francisco Playhouse, Second floor of the Kensington Park Hotel,
450 Post St., S.F. (415) 677-9596,

In “Red Velvet,” Carl Lumbly portrays Ira Aldridge, an American actor who became the first black man to portray Othello at Covent Garden theatre and on a British stage

L-R: Arriving in London, Ira Aldrige (Carl Lumbly) meets Covent Garden theatre company manager Pierre LaPorte (Patrick Russell) and fellow thespian Henry Forester (Devin O’Brien).

Carl Lumbly (Ira Aldrige) and Susi Damilano (Ellen Tree) performing as Othello and Desdemona in “Red Velvet.”

Photos by Ken Levin