Tuesday, August 30, 2016

“Kukula: The Tapestry Show,” opens Friday, September 2 at 111 Minna Gallery, S.F.

The solo exhibition, “Kukula: The Tapestry Show,” features large-scale tapestries depicting images from the artist's paintings. In her works, females more reminiscent of super feminine dolls inhabit scenes dotted with items that are both straightforward or contain symbolic meaning. 

Born in a small village outside Tel Aviv, Kukula draws influences from the aristocracy of 19th century France. 

Opening reception 5 p.m.-late, Friday, September 5. Through September 30. 111 Minna Gallery, 111 Minna St., S.F. 415.974.1719, www.111minnagallery.com.

Images courtesy of the 111 Minna Gallery.

"Octopussy," (2016), design for tapestry, by Kukula

"Last Party," (2016), design for tapestry, by Kukula

"Hazing," (2016), design for tapestry, by Kukula

"Fruit Bowl," (2016), design for tapestry, by Kukula

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