Tuesday, April 26, 2016

“Animal Artist-in-Residence” project at the San Francisco Zoo

Angie the Mandrill, chimpanzees Cobby, Maggie and Minnie, Leann the Sumatran tiger, Tenzing the red panda and other animals living at the San Francisco Zoo created the works featured in the first “Animal Artists-in-Residence” there.

A painting by a wolverine. Image courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.

To create the pieces on canvas, the animals used brushes, their paws or simply stepped through water-based paints. In addition to enriching the lives of the animals the process resulted in playful works of art.  

A painting created by black and white ruffled lemurs. Image courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.

A number of these paintings will be available for auction during Zoo Fest, a fundraiser benefiting and taking place at the San Francisco Zoo, 6 p.m., Saturday, April 30. Each painting is framed and comes with information about the animal artist who created it.

Founded in 1929, the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens is where more than 2,000 exotic, endangered and rescued animals from more than 250 species live. 

San Francisco Zoo and Gardens, 1 Zoo Road, San Francisco. (415) 753-7080, www.sfzoo.org.

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